Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 11...The Pearl

The Roberts family took an early morning walk along the Pearl River this morning. All of the sights and sounds were truly amazing. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the people of Guangzhou love to get up early and exercise and age knows no bounds when it comes to working out. We saw small children all the way up to very old men truly "getting after it!" We saw karate, sword training, meditation, yoga, just about everything that you could imagine. There was also an assortment of music being played...all instrumental and very zen like. But, what truly continues to freak me out every single morning are the number of people who swim the Pearl. It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer and friends swim the Hudson. Now, the Pearl is filled with every kind of boat you can imagine (fishing vessels, cargo freighters, etc.), so it is not the safest place to swim, but they still do it...every single morning. After our stroll, our guide took us to several open air markets, where they sold just about everything...herbs, nuts, roots, vegetables, fruits, teas and live animals (including dogs and cats and is true...they do eat dog and cat here in China...Robin was about to go P.E.T.A. on their A$$es, but our guide quickly pointed out that the dogs we were seeing were for human pets...but two blocks down were the eating kind.) Now for some AJ updates. She continues to experiment with food and today she was introduced to broccoli and mashed potatoes...and she loved both. She now allows me to change her diapers and actually taps on the diaper several times when she needs a change. Unreal. Anyway, I finally found something that smells worse then my feet...AJ's poopy diaper. Seriously, it was horrible!!! But I made it through unscathed and she even gave me that look like "hell of a job daddy!!" She has become very difficult at night, and it is getting very hard to get her to sleep. For the last two nights we had to put her in a stroller at 10pm and walk her along the Pearl. It works very well, but it takes at least a mile for her to fall asleep. I can picture Robin and I walking Addison and Jaz every night in the West End of Allentown, trying to get both of them to sleep. AJ is also refusing the high chair...she has to sit in Robin's lap to eat while daddy feeds her. We can't wait to hear the screaming when she gets in the car seat at the Newark airport. We have to wait until Newark because here in China, they do not use car seats...Ever...and these streets are freakin' crowded. Anyway, tonights pictures consist of our walks along the Pearl and in the open market ,Robin and our guide Lucia, and obviously some AJ shots. Until tomorrow...


  1. Hey, who needs a high chair anyway? The car seat on the other hand, will be a necessary and horrible adjustment. I am sure your ride back to Allentown from Newark will be loud! Eric, sounds like you are getting good at the diapers and are ready for cloth? I will send some out for you asap. Ian, loves washing out the poop in the toilet! haha I am sure the sleeping will be fine when you finally get back and everyone gets comfortable and settles into home. It may take some long walks, but Jazzy will love it!
    Hugs and kisses to everyone!

  2. Wat to go Eric--now changing diapers--YOU REALLY ROCK!!!!
    What an interesting trip tp experience such a different culture(especially when it is your daughter's culture) from the Pearl River to open markets plus eating new foods--but dogs & cats, that is wherre I draw the Line!
    You now have Addison for 6 days and it sounds like you already have her spoiled--but that's ok at 18 mo she deserves to finally being catered to--4 days & counting!
    Love & Miss Mom & Bill

  3. Marty will be thrilled to see all the pictures along the Pearl. Karate lessons on the house for Mao Mao! Eric, I'm proud of you to be changing those diapers--your a good daddy! I am going up to Bye Bye Baby with your car to have them show me how to adjust the straps etc. Do you have any cd's to play for her when she is driving back from Newark? Might help. We loved seeing her on skype last night, she is so playful. The countdown is on and we are all very excited for you all to be home. Hugs, kisses and Love to all! Mom and Marty

  4. Hello Roberts!
    I'm reading your blog with sympathy for you because Nate was the same way with the crib and high chair. We were really struggling with it in China and our guide said that were spoling him and to let him cry - OUCH! Well that night we let him cry in his crib (IT WAS AWFUL!!!) and it lasted for 5 minutes and then he fell asleep. He also never cried again in the crib after the first night. The whole attachment deal with orphanage kids we were worried about (responding every time he cried) but he's awesome. We had the exact issue with the highchair too! We held him for most of the meal but when we returned home he sat in his cooshie chair at the table and he loves going to restaurants.
    We hope you enjoy your last few days in China! And to Robin - Brenda Barrett is back on GH - Tony wanted you to know that :)

  5. Love the swimming suit, sooo cute :)
    Welcome to parenthood and putting children to sleep, my 11 year old twins still won't go to bed, seriously!!
    Till tomorrow..
    Jenny George

  6. Broccoli and mashed potatoes, and loved it! Sounds like little AJ is going to fit right in with the Novacks, as we love our food.

    The downs of parenthood, dirty diapers (gets worse with more food) and cranky time.

    I wish I could feel what AJ is feeling on her new discovereries in life. Seeing so many things she never saw before. How exciting for her, and for both of you watching her discoveries.

    Can't wait to read tomorrows blog.

    Aunt Susan MacD

  7. All of the pictures are so adorable!!! You all look so incredibly happy, looks like you have been together for years!

    Thank you for letting us all share in this exciting journey! It seems like AJ is having the time of her life discovering so many new things, especially what it means to be a loving family!


  8. I am just loving the pictures! It seems like you guys have had awesome guides! AJ is sooo cute!!! Robin - you and Addison were in my dream last night! All I remember is us hanging out...So I am soooo excited to meet Addison!
    I love that she is a good eater!
    Eric - way to go with the poopy diaper change - impressive!
    It is so heartwarming to see you grow as a family each day!
    Love you!