Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day Seven

So, I spent the last twenty minutes typing, and our computer decided to update itself, thus resulting in me losing all of the well as my writing mojo, so you will now get the abbreviated version of our day. We started the day at Liuhua Park, which was gorgeous. They had three types of toilets there...Nice, Excellent and Best (see photo of nice bathroom). I could not believe they named their toilets (and each one was better than the previous bathroom!!)We then came home, had some spicy Mongolian Beef noodle soup, and AJ took one of her patented 3 hour naps (She rocks!!). Speaking of AJ, she has gone from giggling to straight up laughing. Problem is, she snorts when she laughs...just like her mommy (The more AJ snorted and laughed, the more Robin snorted and laughed). After nap time, we took a boat tour of the Pearl river. It was like being in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Incredible! Final AJ update, we added Watermelon and peaches to her diet today. She loved it! Some of the other pictures today include me and our tour guide, Elvin as well as the Chinese version of Robin's uncle Martin (old man with fan..he is 86 and walks five miles a day) as well as various pictures from throughout the day. Tomorrow morning we have to go to the medical center to get AJ her immunization shots --she needs about four of them. Not looking forward to that one. I will be back tomorrow, with writing mojo intact!!


  1. It's just wonderful that you are getting to see and do so many wonderful things as a family. You all look so happy and Addison looks very content.

    Love, Laughs and Snorts,
    Aunt Linda

  2. Robin, when you come home you, Aunt Susie and Addison can have a concert snorting!! Looks like AJ is getting to do some Fine Dining--just wonder what goes through her little mind. Love the picture of the two of you in bed---so relaxed! Is she sleeping in a bed or a crib? Thanks for the skype call, one of the highlights of my day. The other looking at your beautiful family and how happy you all look. Marty can't wait to teach her karate! I just showed Talia the pictures and she said "isn't she pretty?" She also said wait until she sees her pretty room. One more week----Yeah!! Hope all goes well with her shots :( Love, Mom and Marty

  3. Hi from Aunt Susie - Addison has such beautiful traits- from her love of sweets to loving her sleepy time and now she has laughing snorts - who could as for anything more - she will definitely fit right in - right Robin. I am just melting and getting misty looking at her and with your'e holding her and walking with her. What a perfect fit. She is surely a special gift from God. I love you guys so much. By the way - have you guys seen a puppy dogs over there and if so what was her reaction. If she did I bet she was curious. Bye for now

  4. Love the pictures, again. Did Addison like the pool?
    Everyday I don't think it is possible to see you guys smile more, but you do :)
    Good luck with the shots :(

  5. Greetings from Kim! I so look forward to my lunch hour so I can see the new pics and read about your day. Will there be a stop for cupcakes on the way for the shots? Good luck with that appointment. Poor AJ... Eric, how's the Hong Kong Foot situtation?

  6. Hey guys! More great pictures:-) Did Addison go swimming? Did she like it? Jazz is asleep on my lap at the moment:-) Be brave at the doctor for the shots:-( Can't wait to hear more tomorrow!

  7. Thanks so much for taking me along on this amazing ride with you! I love reading the updates and seeing the pictures of all of you. I'm hoping you'll keep this blog going until Addison leaves for college because I'm totally bonded with this baby now!
    Sally Shapiro

  8. Looks like an absolutely fantastic experience, from many different angles! You both look so happy (content might be a better word) and AJ does too. Love how she is dressed to the nines! Go Robin! I definitely see those boots in AJ's future. Love taking this trip with you through the computer - technology is a wonderful thing. Cool t-shirt Mr. Roberts! Don't forget about your friends here in Allentown! Look forward to tomorrow's update. Good luck with the shot's. I think you too need to be braver than AJ for that one!

  9. "You must have loved your baby very much in your previous life, that you were able to find her again in this life." Buddhist saying.

    You found her! Obviously you were all destined to be together throughout lifetimes.

    The joy radiates off the page, in every picture. So happy for ALL of you.

    Sharon Richman