Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 12...Buddha

Today began with a trip to The Six Banyan Trees Buddhist Temple, where a Buddhist Monk helped facilitate a blessing on Addison from Buddha. It was a very intense experience and AJ seemed to be in awe the entire time (as was her mommy). The Temple was incredible. The smell of incense was everywhere as people were burning it to honor Buddha and in turn to receive his blessing. Robin, AJ and I chose to light three sticks of incense that represented Buddha's blessing of longevity. I would share with you what I wished for, but Buddha forbids it. At one point, one of the monks approached me and asked if I would consider Buddhism. When I inquired as to the rewards for doing so, he stated that I would experience an afterlife of peace and tranquility. When I countered with the fact that my father spent several years in the Roman Catholic Monastery and I would be receiving a get into Heaven Free card, he just nodded and said, yup, those are the rules, Congratulations!! Thanks Dad!!! Anyway, the adventures of the Green Lantern continued today. She experienced some serious stomach problems (can it be the Caramel Frap from Starbucks every day??) and almost did not make it to the temple. She has also been experiencing some back and Hip pain (She needs to get back with her yoga guru, Linda Sheftel), so she did what every American in China should do, she went for a one hour Chinese Rub down complete with essential oils, acupuncture, etc. (and only $20 American!!! The dollar is strong here people!)) Upon inspecting Robin before working on her, her "healer" was able to correctly pinpoint that Robin had a stomach problem earlier in the day as well as the fact that she has very thin blood. She told her the key to strengthening her immunity was Red Tea. She also told Robin to bring AJ in tomorrow and she would show her certain pressure points on AJ that will help to sooth her. I will be tagging along and getting the treatment as well!!! One final note before I leave you...the Chinese people here in Guangzhou really like to spit. And they just don't spit...they hocker up big loogies and fire away. Men and woman. They do it everywhere. Robin says it reminds her of her brother! Until Tomorrow...


  1. Robin, you are now experiencing the aches and pains of motherhood. Who knew carrying a baby around could be so bad for you? When you get home we can commiserate on all of our issues. Only a few more days in China! I'm sure you are excited to get your little girl home and really start your lives together. Does the blog continue when you get home? I'm really enjoying it!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. I always say whatever helps--do it! If Buddah is helping by all means go for it. I am trying to research new bottles for AJ in hopes that I find one that will help. Oh those hockers--how can we forget? Carol and Ron used to enjoy the sounds of Jeff too!! Hopefully when you are at home, Addison will feel more relaxed in her new beautiful room. Hang in there Mom and Dad! We love the pictures and can't wait until Friday! Hugs, kisses and Love Mom and Marty

  3. The Buddhist temple was really beautiful-So now you have a blessing from Buddha for longevity and a get into heaven free card from your dad--sounds like you have it all wrapped up!
    Hope Robin is feeling better-you've been doing a lot of running around in China and as soon as you get home and on a daily routine things will be a whole lot better (even though you seem to be throughly enjoying this trip)---in the meantime take advantage of your $20 healer!
    I hope everything went well with Addison's visa and all the paper work involved as tomarro will be the oath ceremony--then 3 days and home--can't wait
    Love Mom & Bill

  4. That is so weird, last night I was just thinking about Robin's hip and wondering if it was holding out. I was thinking about stomachs too- but I was wondering if AJ's was holding up to the new additions to her diet. I hadn't thought of Robin:-( I almost smiled a little at AJ not sleeping as well and having meltdown. Only b/c kids are almost always perfect for the babysitter, the aunt, the neighbor, but they only act up when they feel most comfortable and loved - with mommy and daddy! I'm sure the grandmoms are right and she will settle into a routine at home. Jazz and I send our love!

  5. from Linda Zeller:
    Looks like you are all having fun discovering new things together in China! Did you know that the Green Lantern posessed a 'bling ring'?...guess you might be heading back to the jade factory!
    Oh, a tip that might help solve the ultra-smelly poopy diapers AND the late night walks to get AJ to sleep: less late night apply pie (for AJ, not for you, Eric)! haha!

  6. I agree with your Mom, Robin -- accept any and all blessings. It must have been a very special moment for all of you. I never had that much of an interest in visiting China but after reading your wonderful Blog, I might just have to add it to my bucket list. The $20 massage and acupuncture session sounds great. I will think of you during my session tomorrow which will cost significantly more. Hope Addison is sleeping a little better. Looking forward to hearing all about the oath ceremony.
    Love, Aunt Linda

  7. Its Aunt Susie checking in - The blessing from Buddha only can help. You and Addison look cute if your Mommy and Daughter matching black dresses. I'm sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. You know I believe in Chinese medicine and accupuncture. Take advantage of the inexpensive massage and treatments for you and Addison. You know how mellowed out we used to get after we got treatments at Ming Mings. Keep enjoying the rest of your time in China. See you soon. love you guys

  8. Hello!
    How awesome was the Temple? It was my best day in China. There are days when I wish we had a temple like that close to home! Robin I'm so sorry that you are not feeling well. Keep up those massages! We can not wait to met AJ - she is the cutest! You are so close to coming home - I think that as you read this it will be your last full day. What an exciting time! How much do you miss your dog?

    I have to let you know that I can't believe people are swimming in the Pearl River! Kramer in the Hudson...too funny!

    Amy & Tony