Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 3

So, our last day in Beijing was very enjoyable. We toured Tian An Men Square and the Forbidden City. We also had a delicious dim sum lunch. What was unique about the lunch was the fact that we were seated 10 feet away from a Chinese wedding reception. Funny thing about this Chinese wedding reception...all of the music consisted of American pop hits. Now, half of the people at the reception had no idea that the baseball cap I was wearing was a Pittsburgh Pirates cap (I really don't think the citizens of China truly believe that Pittsburgh currently has a professional baseball sad... and two members of the wedding party had no clue who Willie "pops" Stargell was), but all of them could sing along to the Jonas Brothers, Beyonce, and Eminem. Strange. Also, the adventures of the Jade Princess, Robin Roberts, continued. Here in Beijing, females must, more often than not, use what is called a "squatty potty" which is pretty much a flat hole where the female has to squat, very low, to pee, followed by throwing the toilet paper in the garbage. Well, Robin has continued to forget her toilet paper and she has peed with such force that she has experienced the splash effect on her feet...pretty much every time. Blahhhhhhh. We finally said goodbye to Beijing and hopped on China Southern air for our three hour flight to Guangzhou, where we checked into the gorgeous White Swan Hotel, located on the Pearl River. The weather here is pretty similar to Florida, very hot and very humid. Being that Guangzhou is the trade capital of China, many people here speak English, which is nice. Finally, and most importantly, we will be leaving the hotel at 2:00 tomorrow and should have Addison in our hands by 2:30. We are sooooooooo very excited. We wish we could bring her right home, but we still have 11 days to go. We REALLY miss our dog JAZ, so keep posting us updates Sue! And Linen family, where did you go in Guangzhou for the noodle soup? That is all for now...can't wait to show you new pictures of Addison, with mom and Ba Ba (that's dad...not shit!!!)


  1. Hi guys - it's Aunt Susie -- Just read your day 3 blog. it sounds like your sight seeing expierence has been quite memorable. But the best is yet to come and now it is just hours away not days away. I laughed so hard several times while reading your latest blog. We are thinking about you all the time. Love you guys.

  2. It won't be long now!! It must feel so surreal to be so close to having her with you. This is a trip of a lifetime in so many ways!

  3. It's pretty funny where Robin is going to the bathroom since when she was a little girl she would not go when we were at the store. Of course there was a big fly in there! Now down to the real thing--meeting your precious daughter and being a real family. We are so excited and happy for all of you. Can't wait to see her!

  4. Hi guys,

    We are so excited for you. Enjoying reading how everything is going. Can't wait to see pictures of the expanded family.

    Shan & Trav

  5. OMG Robin, I am reliving our China trip when we met Natalie 10 yrs ago! I am SO happy for you all, you are probably meeting her right NOW as I write this! Post those pix FAST!!!!!
    Won't the holidays be ever so special this year????? PLEASE let me hold her at services!!!! Pat Luftman

  6. Hi Roberts!
    I was showing Elle & Nate your pictures and Elle said, "Mommy, I saw that big duck!" Too funny!

    Squatty potty? That is just the worst. We had a whole new appreciation for the USA when we returned.

    We have been laughing about the wedding reception! That is awesome!

    The noodle soup is from the White Swan Deli. If you exit the hotel (facing the road) and turn left it is about 3 stores down. They have a few items daily (they were all good) and some sandwich/pastry items. It's quick and you can either take out or eat outside (umbrella tables). Elle and Nate loved the soup too! I'm sure Addison will also - the noodles are really soft.
    Good luck today! It's such an emotional journey - I'm sniffly just writing this!
    Amy & Tony

  7. Jim and I are enjoying your blog! I wish we could have seen the women flocking around the blond headed woman who keeps peeing on herself! HA!! We are so excited for you and can't wait to see the pictures of you guys and Addison meeting each other for the first time! Congratulations Mommy and Ba Ba (we will pray that she says it in the correct tone).
    Love, Kelly & Jim

  8. I can not wait to see pictures of you guys and your precious daughter Addison!!!
    Robin - I can't believe you have to pop a squat to pee - hahaha!
    Love - Terri

  9. from Linda Zeller: I am lauging so hard, mostly at Robin!!! I can totally picture all of the antics you are writing about -- Eric, you should be a comedic writer. Have you learned the Chinese words for 'strawberry jelly' or have you switched to duck sauce while in China?
    Anyway, I will be thinking of you both, smiling ear to ear tomorrow, knowing that you have your daughter in your arms. Can't wait to read all about your first day as a family and see your first family photo!!!

  10. Hello Eric and Robin!! Bunny sent me the link to follow on your trip! I am so happy/excited for you guys!! I can't wait to eventually meet Addison! The pictures are great and looking forward to seeing more. I laughed when I read the comment about the very very hard beds! They are the same way in Japan. It felt like I was sleeping on a slab of concrete. I hope you 2 enjoy the rest of your trip and I will be checking in for updates!! Take care and congrats!