Friday, August 20, 2010


Well everyone, we made it! After a brutal day of travel (man is not meant to sit in coach class with a 19 month old for sixteen hours)we touched down in Newark and were greeted by a slew of family members. Robin and I have now been up for 32 straight hours and are complete zombies, yet we seem too charged up to sleep. AJ handled the flights much better than we thought. On the big 13 hour flight from Beijing to Newark, she slept for 10 hours straight!!!! Because we were able to acquire bulkhead seats (7 extra inches of legroom), all for the low price of $350(SCAM!!!) we placed AJ on the floor in front of us on a makeshift bed of four airline blankets and three pillows. I was very jealous! Some final thoughts...I just finished brushing my teeth and it is so nice to be able to stick my mouth under the faucet again to rinse. The bottled water was getting very annoying. I am going to Yoccos tomorrow!!! AJ seems to like her new home (beats the orphanage!!), although she is a tad bit scared of our pit bull Jaz, who just wants to lick her over and over again. After only one hour in the house, there were toys all over the living room (I guess I need to get used to that!) and AJ almost knocked an entire cake off of the counter (which is the biggest crime you can commit in this house), but daddy sacrificed his body and made the diving save. Oh, and my favorite sandals in the world had to be left behind because they were infected by the dreaded Hong Kong feet. I am glad to report that my feet are getting better thanks to baking soda and mint!! Finally, I would like to thank all of you for following along on our journey. Your comments really helped keep us going and we looked forward to reading them every night. A special thank you to Eric Ruddy for being our Sherpa on the tall mountain that was this blog. Your guidance and tech know how saved the day! I promise that each and every one of you will get to meet Addison very soon. We have our first appointment with C.H.O.P in about two weeks and we will get the ball rolling on repairing her cleft lip and cleft palate. One final thing... if you ever get the chance, I highly recommend visiting China, especially Beijing and Guangzhou. Words cannot accurately describe the amazing beauty and the fascinating culture. Robin and I cannot wait to bring Addison back when she is a teenager. Take Care!!!!!!

Eric, Robin and Addison...Jaz too!


  1. Welcome Home!!! It looks like Addison is making herself right at home by pulling out all of the toys. Has she figured it out yet that if it lands on the floor she has to share it with her big sister?
    I am so glad that she did well on the flight, it does look like she had the best seat in the house! Congratulations again, we can't wait to see you guys. Enjoy your family!!!
    Kelly, Jim, Jay & Jordan

  2. welcome home! Can't wait to meet Addison....I'm sure she and Jaz will be fast friends once she gets used to her. I imagine a dog would be pretty scary if you weren't used to them. Give us a call and fill us in when things have settled down for you.
    angela & jeff

  3. WELCOME HOME-- from Aunt Susie -- We were so happy to be there at the airport when you were back in America. The joy and love we felt seeing you with beautiful Addison was only outdone by the enormous, beaming joy and love on your faces. And Addison had such a look of wonder on face. Uh Oh - happy tears starting again. You guys know I'm available for anything you need - please don't hesitate to ask. I love you soooo much. God bless you.

  4. Thanks again for doing this blog! I'm going to miss starting my day with it but I'm looking forward to seeing you all in person soon. And for your info, Andrew Zimmern of the Travel Channel has an episode of Bizarre Foods featuring Guangzhou that will be aired next week! Set your VCR-
    Sally Shapiro

  5. WELCOME HOME... Robert's Family :))))))))
    My husband keeps asking if I would like to go when he goes to China for work, NO, plane ride is way to long, and way to many horror stories about the food:)
    I loved your blog and looked forward to it everyday, here's a poem that makes me think of you guys and is a great ending to all my comments about your blog.....

    My child,
    I carried you in my heart
    before you were even born
    And dared to dream
    that you were real.

    My child,
    I carried your picture with me
    since the day I received it,
    And dared to love
    a child I was yet to meet.

    My child,
    I carried you in my arms at last,
    and gazed in helpless wonder
    at your face,
    And dared to lose
    my heart to you.

    And now, my child,
    a dream fulfilled,
    a prayer answered,
    a family created,
    I have dared to become
    a mom (dad).

    And so now,
    my precious child,
    I shall carry you

    Jenny George

  6. Welcome home Roberts family!

    Molly has kept a watchful eye on the blog and can't wait to meet Addison.

    Congratulations and I bet it feels good to be home.

    Kristin, Molly and William Meeker

  7. So happy that you're home safe and sound and getting settled. That's amazing that she slept for 10 hours, you couldn't have asked for anything better out of that flight!! Can't wait to come over and meet Addison and of course pick out some new clothes for her!!


  8. Hello,
    You don't know me, I am actually Shelly's dental hygienist and over the past few years I have followed your journey to becoming parents. I got to see her last week (she was beaming) and she filled us in that you were in China and had your beautiful Addison with you and gave us the blog address.
    I just want to say a huge congratulations! Even though I don't know you personally I am so, so happy for you. I really enjoyed reading the blogs (Eric you are sooo funny, you made me laugh out loud!) and of course seeing the adorable pictures. Addison is a very lucky little girl to have such a loving wonderful family...and you are equally blessed to have her in your life. Such a happy ending, enjoy every moment!!
    Wendy Lutz

  9. What an amazing day! Watching you all walk down the ramp with Addison in your arms was the most wonderful moment for us. What a beautiful, warm and very smart little girl she is. Spending time with her today and seeing how she warmed up to different family members tells me that she knows that there is so much love around her. Robin and Eric, Addison could not have a better Mama and Baba. The love in your faces tell it all and we are so very very happy for you. We thank you for writing this blog and allowing us to take this wonderful journey with you. We look forward to celebrating many many happy occasions together. Hugs, Kisses and Love, Mom and Marty

  10. Welcome home! I hope that feeling of being hit by a truck (aka jet lag) has passed and that you're all settling in. Dani sends a big hug to Addison. Hope we'll have the chance to meet you all on one of our trips back to the Lehigh Valley and/or Philly!

    Lynda Grossman

    P.S. Don't forget to contact our friend Laurie if you have questions about CHOP and Ella's recent palate surgery there.

  11. Robin and Eric,

    We are so happy for you! We know this was a long long journey and now it's over and an even longer and more rewarding one is about to begin! We are excited to be around for the steps along the way. Mazal Tov! Thanks for posting the blog, we loved the pictures. SHE'S BEAUTIFUL!

    Alex and Doreen

  12. What an awesome Blog this turned out to be! So happy for you all safely arriving in A-Town! XOXO to all! E, C, E, and C