Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 13

Due to some technical difficulties, I must keep this short. Today was AJ's oath ceremony and it was very special. It was done with an entire group of adopted children, mots of whom we hung out with for the last two weeks. Unfortunately, camera's were not permitted in the United States Consulate, so we could not capture the moment on film. Pictures today include a little Tea Party with our friend Dong, who has had us over to his shop for tea the last several days. Now, I know what you are thinking, but I did NOT drop any "Sixteen Candles" lines on him. Also pictured is the infamous Starbucks, AJ's first experience with Crayola (Thanks Aunt Linda!), and my "healer." My body has never felt sooo good!!! AJ wanted all the kids to know that when she arrives to the United States, she will soon have all of her new American friends under the age of 10 over for a tea party. The girl loves her tea! Until tomorrow and my FINAL blog from China....


  1. Eric, wait, those aren't your Hong Kong feet that are being massaged!! What happened? Robin, you look absolutely radiant, motherhood becomes you!

  2. from Linda Zeller:
    Hi Roberts family,
    Sorry to hear about your blog bog. I'm sure that you are tired by the end of the day, but we do appreciate you taking the time to post pics and updates.
    I had trouble posting a few times and lost my posts...what I do now is highlight and copy my text before I hit 'post comment'. That way if it doesn't post, I can just paste it back into the field and try to send again. I don't know if it works the same way on your end, but it's worth a shot!
    Addison's hair looks like it's growing by the day, seriously! She really does take after her mother ;)
    Hope you are all well! Anticipating your return. Much love!

  3. Glad you got the blog to work--many people can't start the day without it. Wondered if you guys are sending your own blogs or is Eric R doing it for you? Looks like Addison enjoys coloring and going for tea! Mommy likes her tea too so tea parties will be fun. We all enjoyed our skype time last night, hopefully Addison will know who we are when she arrives in the USA! So happy that you are all enjoying your time in China, makes it more enjoyable for you. But we are glad it's almost time to return to your anxious family and friends. Can't wait to hear all about everything and see the movies. See you real soon! Hugs, kisses and love Mom and Marty

  4. Please don't stop the blogging when you come home. They are the highlight of my morning:)
    Have a safe trip home
    Jenny George

  5. Looks like you are enjoying your time...all that pampering is needed I am sure. Eric, I am sure you said a few lines under your breath from Sixteen Candles, how could you not! We can't wait to meet the newest member of the Roberts Family...Makenna wants to swim with her in the pool soon. Take care and safe travels!

    Ali, Jeremy and Makenna

  6. Hi guys - its Aunt Susie -- I was sorry to hear that no pictures were not allowed for the oath ceremony. I thought maybe the consulate would take at least a group picture to document it . It was such a special occasion For Addison and you that would have been nice to show her when she is older. I was glad to hear that all that the Chinese treatments made you feel better. Miss you guys. See you soon. Love ya

  7. Hi guys! I can not wait until one day Avita is invited to one of Addison's tea parties:-) I have to tell you how good Jazz is going to be with her. Robin, check your yahoo email, I just sent you very cute pics:-) JOn dropped off Jayden to me today and when he went to leave Jazz wanted to go with him. Jon felt bad so he rode Jazzy around the block several times in the van and then brought her back home:-) In addition to the walks I take her on, he's been trying to take her on at least one "non-pregnant-lady-walk" every day or two, lol. Love you guys lots!! Can't wait to see you:-)
    Sue and Jazzy

  8. There's lots more Crayola where that came from -- crayons, markers, Color Wonder, Color Explosion, Glow Explosion -- some even made in China! One things's for sure -- Addison will always have a great stock of art supplies.

    Your days have been filled with such wonderful experiences. Want to visit that little store and have tea with you! See you in two more days!
    Love, Aunt Linda (Uncle Greg sends his love, too.)

  9. I love all of the adorable dresses you have for Addison. I don't think she's worn the same outfit twice! My mother always said that a baby shouldn't wear black but she looked beautiful in the black dress that she wore to the Buddhist Temple. Now is she a little Jew-Bu?
    Safe travels on your trip home.
    Sally Shapiro

  10. I am so hooked on this blog and your new family. Why should it end? I am thinking I should contact the Bravo network. The heck with the "Housewives of New Jersey", how about "Addison Comes Home"? I can see it now-Addison meets the family, Addison goes to the Farmers Market, Addison visits Yoccos,and someday Addison goes to college! :)
    Just a suggestion from an Addison addict. Safe travels. Enjoy your beautiful daughter~Sharon Richman

    Sharon Richman

  11. I am definitely hooked on this blog and all of the members of the Roberts Family. Addison is so precious and she looks great in every picture. Robin, today you have a glow like the first day you got Addison, your smile is blinding and that is awesome. Eric, you look so happy, I can imagine you yelling into the streets. I hope you enjoyed the massage. Everyone is so excited for you to come home. Have a safe trip home. I think both of your moms are feeling like they are in tasting range at this point.
    Enjoy and have fun. Cindy xoxo

  12. I love Eric's sense of humor and have been tearing up as I re-live our experience ten months ago through reading about your trip. Addison is beautiful. It sounds like (minus the hair experience) you've had a wonderful trip. Mazel Tov on finally bringing Addison home.

    Safe travels.

    Lynda Grossman

  13. Eric and Robin,
    I am so HAPPY for the proud parents----and Addison. Robin, you will LOVE having a daughter; and Eric, you will learn to deal with all the hormones! :) I know that you will cherish every birthday; she is a sweetheart! :)