Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last night in China

Well, in just about seven hours Robin, AJ and I will be off to the airport, where we have a three hour flight to Beijing, a four hour layover, and the ultimate treat...a 13.5 hour flight to Newark!!! How is my ADHD butt going to survive this?? Add AJ to the mix (btw, the over/under on plane meltdowns is five, with at least one being a Three Mile Island style meltdown) and this will be such a grand old time. I may need to find my tea guy, Dong, to see if he can give us some magic "sleepy" tea. To my dad, I apologize for complaining about the two hour Easter masses with the 10 baptisms and holding those damn candles that dripped hot candle wax over my hand. Those were the good old days compared to this 16 hours of flying I am facing!! Oh, and speaking of church, I checked with the Buddhist monk, and he told me that even though you served six years in the Monastery, that still is not enough to cover my brother Jeff...his get into Heaven free card will be rejected at the gates for years of torturing me and that time he drank beer when he was 12 in the woods behind the Jordan creek!!!!!!! Sorry bro! Now, on to our day today. AJ received her Visa and Passport, so she is good to travel!! We celebrated by dressing in our Chinese gear, and getting pictures on the famous White Swan couches, where all adopting couples who stay here get photographed. Robin can never have enough photos, so she drug us around the rest of the hotel for photo ops (it runs in her family!!). Speaking of Robin, another funny tidbit to add to her list of Shenanigans...she has taken to addressing Addison's bad behavior by seemingly starting each sentence with the word Child. Now, the thing is, Robin stays on the "I" in child for at least three seconds. I swear to God it is like I married Mrs. Evans from the hit 1970's TV show "Good Times." I keep waiting for JJ to pop in the room and scream DY-NO-MITE!!! We have been hanging with some couples from the deep South, so maybe their language is rubbing off. Well my friends, this is the last post you will be getting from China. I will post one last time when we arrive home, and that is all she wrote!! All good things must come to an end! Until Friday, when we are back in the greatest Country in the world, the good old USA!!!! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. We waited a long time for the day you would bring our little girl home--it was not an easy journey but oh so worth the wait--she also waited patiently as you did for a family--someone to call mommy and daddy, someone who will always cherish her and give her all the love every child deserves-----what a journey it has been but when you get off that plane tomarro the best journey of all awaits you--the rest of your life with your daughter--We'll be there waiting to meet our new grand daughter!
    Love Mom & Bill

  2. from Linda Zeller:
    Love the pictures and the matchy matchy outfits. I say you continue the trend when you get home! You all look so peaceful and complete in your pictures...we are so happy for you.
    Chiiiild, I always knew Robin had a little bit of soul in her!
    We will be thinking of you as you travel back HOME! Actually, we think of you quite often. When we wake up, we think, "I wonder how their day was, let's check the blog", and we go to sleep, saying "they are just beginning their day...wonder how it's going". Soon we won't have to wonder!
    Safest travels to you all... and I'm sending out good vibes through the universe that Addison sleeps (but doesn't snore) the whole plane ride home!

  3. Marty is still laughing that I took a picture of Robin getting out of the car at the airport. We love memories--and what memories you will have of this special time in your life. All the ups and downs of the past few years are gone and you have your beautiful Addison. Following the blog everyday made this journey for all of us at home so so special. And Bunny is right the best journey is just beginning. I started reading the blog with tears and I am tearing up again just thinking of you all getting off the plane tomorrow and joining your family! A welcome home for our grand daughter :) Have a safe and painless trip--We love you as always, Love, Hugs and Kisses to all! Mema and Marty (can we call him pepa?? Joke

  4. Eric-my husband has made that trip in the plane to China at least 10-15 times :(((
    I completely enjoyed your blog, and look forward to hopefully seeing Robing again, and meeting her beautiful family when things settle down.
    Godsped Roberts family, my thoughts will be with you in your travels. Be safe
    Jenny George

  5. P.S. I forgot to say how beautiful you all look in your Chinese garb. The perfect family!

    Love Mom

  6. From Kim & CJ: We can't wait until you are back state side with AJ. We're looking very forward to meeting her. You have been so blessed in finding this beautiful little girl. I'm thinking all of your trials in this process helped you both to practice the patience that will be needed for this flight! We send our wishes and prayers for a safe journey home. All our love, Kim & CJ

  7. Your family and your pictures are beautiful! Hope your memories of this amazing journey will be so as well. Wishing you safe travels as you come home to begin the first day of the rest of your life.
    Love you, Aunt Linda

  8. I love the pictures of you all dressed alike..brought back memories of the good ole Sproul family jean picture! :)
    I hope you have a safe and fast trip home!
    I am so excited to see you guys when you get back and especially I can't wait to meet Addison!!!!
    See you soon!

  9. You guys are a beautiful family. Good luck with your flight and treasure your first night home as a family.

  10. Such a wonderful adventure for you and now coming home as a family, at last.... We really enjoyed your stories and pictures. Safe travels and wishing you the best of everything in your new wonderful world with Addison.

    Love, Joan and Marty, Julie, Abby, Laura and Adam

  11. Hello!
    We really enjoyed taking this journey with you. We are happy (and jealous) that your experience in Guangzhou was clean. We were a few months too early. Good luck on the flights. The necessary evil of international adoption! Settle in and give us a call - we really can't wait to hear about your trip. Nate is so excited to have a fellow Guangdong Province friend :)
    Amy & Tony

  12. Safe travels Robin, Eric and Addison. Everyone is so excited for your journey home. It has been wonderful following the blog for the past 2 weeks. Lots of love,

  13. Hi from Aunt Susie - As I post this you are already in the air heading home. I wish you a safe and uneventful flight. I wish nothing but joy and love as you start you life as a beautiful family in the USA. The pictures today were so beautiful. You made so many wonderful memories while in China. Now let the beautiful memories begin as you now settle in back home. Got to go now because the happy tears have started. Love ya! Addison, welcome to your new home. You are truly blessed to have such a loving Mommy and Daddy.

  14. Eric and Robin we have so enjoyed following your blog. Your daughter is so cute and we can not wait to meet her in person. We hope your journey home Is safe. You are truly blessed to have her as she is to have you both.

  15. A HUGE thank you to both of you for taking the time to share your wonderful experiences with us! I was like so many others who have responded to you.........I looked forward to reading your blog and seeing the photos everyday........but, as they say, all good things must come to an end.

    Your new lives, however, are just beginning! You will have SO many wonderful times with Addison as you introduce her to your families, teach her the many things she will need to know, and just share in the love that will continue to grow until you think that it can't begin to get any bigger!

    Wishing all of you the best of love, good health, and happiness as you enter the wonderful world of parenting! It is something that can't be topped!!!

    Lorna Rabe